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We do not currently accept students for the following school year.
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Other Tutoring Cardiff

Other Tutoring Cardiff
We provide individual tutoring of specifically focused subjects such as Computing, Art and design, Design and technology, Ancient and modern foreign languages, Personal, social and health education, Sex and relationships education, Religious education, Sociology, Economics, Business Studies, Law, Psychology, etc.
Based on the specific student’s requirements, we will create a study plan, and tutoring in our fully equipped classrooms can begin next week. All lessons can also be taught online. Tutoring can have a different focus and also length. One lesson lasts 45 minutes, but some prefer a two-hour lesson (90 minutes) or even longer blocks. Courses are always individual, so you don’t have to wait for the course to open until October. If necessary, you can start the course in the middle of August. The course length and the lesson intensity depend on you. Some people choose the so-called „quick help“ in the form of 5 lessons, and others prefer regular semestral or annual courses.
What can we help you with?
At School Populo, we can ensure regular tutoring, preparation for important exams and certificates, but we can also help with pre-school preparation or preparation for resits. Whether you need help improving your knowledge of the subject for school or work, or just for your own interest, we are here for you.

We help students with complex topics at school or with homework. We will prepare them for ongoing tests and exams or help catch up with missed topics.
Together with the methodological centre, our tutors will draw up a study plan for each student and regularly supplement materials for home practice.
Our sophisticated online teaching system offers time flexibility so that you can study from the comfort of your home. Apart from your own computer and connection, you don’t need any special equipment.
Course of tutoring
Each of our future students has the opportunity to take a free placement test. Based on its result, we will recommend a suitable lesson frequency and length. After each lesson, you will receive information about the lesson's course, the topics covered, and the evaluation of progress via e-mail. Parents and students are also informed about each upcoming lesson via an SMS message, which contains the lesson date and time and the tutor’s name.


Non-Binding Contact Form
Based on the completed contact form, we will contact you, answer all your questions and introduce you to the services of School Populo. If you want to contact us first, you can reach us at +44 7418 350868.
If you are interested in tutoring in other cities, contact us at phone number +44 7418 350868, or via e-mail at info@schoolpopulo.co.uk.
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