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We do not currently accept students for the following school year.
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Other languages Tutoring Walsall

Other languages Tutoring Walsall
Learning with School Populo is different than with classical language schools. We offer only one-on-one language courses, i.e. one student per tutor. This teaching method brings huge benefits to our clients, and it is much easier to reach the required language level. All our classes can be taught online.
We offer one-on-one classes in foreign languages such as English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hungarian, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, Slovak, etc.
Advantages of one-on-one classes:
  • Adaptation to the student’s language level
  • Selection of related topics for learning
  • Adaptation of learning pace during the lessons to the student
  • Focus on the problematic parts ones and skipping the simple ones
  • Overall adaptation of each lesson to your current mood and state of mind
  • Help with „homework“ according to the client's requirements
  • You can change lesson frequency and intensity during the course
School Populo services:
  • Selection of a suitable tutor (you will spend all the study time with the tutor; therefore, it is necessary that you both get on very well)
  • Study materials of School Populo included in the course price
  • Possibility of „pause“ the classes, for example, when you are going on holiday, on a business trip, or become ill
  • Coordinator service from 8:00 to 18:00 and excused lessons 24 hours before their start free of charge
Course of tutoring
Each of our future students has the opportunity to take a free placement test. Based on its result, we will recommend a suitable lesson frequency and length. After each lesson, you will receive information about the lesson's course, the topics covered, and the evaluation of progress via e-mail. Parents and students are also informed about each upcoming lesson via an SMS message, which contains the lesson date and time and the tutor’s name.


Test your Other languages skills
We have prepared a set of tests for you to help you check your knowledge. For each question, you can always choose one of the offered answers – just click with the mouse; there is no need to write anything down. After completing the test, we will send you the results and then contact you.
Non-Binding Contact Form
Based on the completed contact form, we will contact you, answer all your questions and introduce you to the services of School Populo. If you want to contact us first, you can reach us at +44 7418 350868.
If you are interested in tutoring in other cities, contact us at phone number +44 7418 350868, or via e-mail at info@schoolpopulo.co.uk.
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