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We do not currently accept students for the following school year.
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We offer one-on-one tutoring in all primary, secondary, and university subjects. Experienced tutors and a modern teaching system are at your disposal.
In addition, we are constantly expanding our offer. If you are looking to learn an unusual subject, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to assign you a tutor.
What is our expertise?
We specialize in tutoring of primary and secondary school children who need to improve their grades or are preparing for difficult exams. However, we also tutor university students and adults.
Can adults also be tutored at your school?
The pupils of the School Populo also include adults who learn mainly foreign languages in our country. We provide individual classes, so we are not a regular language school, and we do not organize group courses. We also prepare adults for admission and secondary school-leaving exams if they decide to finish these in adulthood.
What are our methods?
Our method is one-on-one tutoring, where one tutor always works with only one student. Every pupil and student has completely different needs, and only this approach will allow us to prepare tutoring tailored to everyone.
Why choose tutoring at School Populo?
When using the services of School Populo, you avoid the usual difficulties of having a private tutor. Unreliability, non-punctuality, or insufficient proficiency are something you will not encounter at School Populo.
Non-Binding Contact Form
Based on the completed contact form, we will contact you, answer all your questions and introduce you to the services of School Populo. If you want to contact us first, you can reach us at +44 7418 350868.
If you are interested in tutoring in other cities, contact us at phone number +44 7418 350868, or via e-mail at info@schoolpopulo.co.uk.
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