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We accept students for the following school year. To book your place, please fill out the contact form or give us a call at +447 418 350 868.
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Tutoring, exam preparation, and language teaching
At School Populo, we help all pupils, students, children, and parents to manage school attendance. We tutor all subjects taught in primary and secondary schools, including languages. We will prepare you for exams, tests, and admission exams. At School Populo, we believe that everyone can achieve great results if the right teaching approach is chosen.
Placement test
Each of our future students has the opportunity to take a free placement test before the beginning of classes. The test will show us the level of knowledge of your child and find areas for improvement. The test assessment and a corresponding comment is sent to your e-mail. Subsequently, we will offer you an optimal tutoring option meeting the needs of the student. In collaboration with a tutor, we will also develop an individual study plan, ensuring your child's best results. Placement tests are voluntary, and students can complete them in the comfort of their home.
Optional free lessons
The more lessons you buy, the more free lessons you receive from us. These lessons are optional, and you can use them to increase the lesson frequency of your already selected subject. It is also appropriate to use these lessons to intensify learning in the period before quarterly exams, final tests, or before before the closing date of the final grading period.
Interim teaching reports
Parents can use an electronic student book to check the content of lessons and possible absences. A record of the lesson, including the tutor’s evaluation, is sent to your e-mail directly after each lesson. Detailed feedback on the tutoring and the pupil’s progress is sent after five meetings between the student and the tutor. The tutor evaluates the student’s work in class, homework, and current knowledge of the subject.
Telephone support and lesson planning
If you have any questions, you can contact us via phone. We will be happy to answer all your questions and adress your concerns. If you already attend classes and know that you will have to cancel a lesson, let us know at least 24 hours before the lesson starts, either via phone or e-mail. In case of unexpected events that would exceed this deadline, inform us as soon as possible (preferably in the morning) so that we can let our tutors know and cancel the lesson.
Parents and students are informed about the planned lessons via SMS. One day before the lesson, the parent (and the student) receives a system message containing the date, time, expected length of the lesson, and tutor’s name. The SMS also contains information about the expected lesson length so that parents know when they can pick up their child. Upon request, parents can also be informed via SMS about the arrival of their child to keep sufficient track of attendance.
Do you have someone around you who wants to learn a foreign language but is hesitant to start? Or would you like to help your children to deepen their knowledge in challenging subjects? Either way, School Populo vouchers are a great gift. You can choose from 4 options, which differ in price and therefore in the number of lessons. You can use them for all subjects and languages from our offer. Give something that makes sense. Give education!
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Based on the completed contact form, we will contact you, answer all your questions and introduce you to the services of School Populo. If you want to contact us first, you can reach us at +44 7418 350868.
If you are interested in tutoring in other cities, contact us at phone number +44 7418 350868, or via e-mail at info@schoolpopulo.co.uk.
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