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SATS Key Stage 2

SATS Key Stage 2
The Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) Key Stage 2 (KS2) is the second student school exam in Year 6 and completes their Primary Education.
SATS Key Stage 2 takes place in May in Year 6 simultaneously in the whole country. This test is more formal than SATS KS1 and takes place under uniform conditions. This test is the first major challenge for students as they are much stricter than all previous tests.
The exams are evaluated according to uniform SATs marking tables and a scoring system. The results are therefore evaluated externally. Afterwards, it is used mainly by secondary schools to determine the child's level who will start school in September. Parents will receive the results in July, knowing whether the student has reached the required level.
The scoring system is represented on a scale from 80 to 120. Obtaining 100 and above means that the student has reached the required level.
SATS Key Stage 2 structure
SAT Key Stage 2 structure
The exam consists of reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mathematics.
The reading consists of one test, for which the students have 1 hour.
Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are divided into two tests, the first one lasting 45 minutes and the second 15 minutes. It mainly tests students’ comprehension of the English language as such and also their writing skills.
Mathematics consists of three tests focusing mainly on arithmetic, comprehension of calculation, and more complex mathematical operations. Furthermore, computational fluency and mathematical reasoning are tested. In addition, students answer multiple-choice questions. To complete the tests, students are given 30 minutes, 40 minutes, and 40 minutes.
Finally, students are asked to develop a “teacher assessment” in the Writing part, which their teacher will assess. It does not take place in the same week as SATs KS2.
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