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Homepage Blog Tutoring Why learn online? Advantages and disadvantages of modern forms of tutoring

Why learn online? Advantages and disadvantages of modern forms of tutoring

Why learn online? Advantages and disadvantages of modern forms of tutoring
28. 3. 2020

In nowadays modern society, the possibilities of education and how to find the most effective way of education are constantly expanding. The online form of tutoring is undoubtedly one of them. What discourages us from trying it? And what are its advantages? Read the article to discover it all.

Legitimate concerns?

Online tutoring can take many forms. However, we will focus on the best-known and most popular form – video calls. Some use them for everyday communication, whether it is Skype, Meet, Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more.

However, paradoxically, many of us are still concerned about using these applications for education. And the reasons? Let’s just mention the three most important.

Low learning efficiency. Why learn online when it is much better to listen to your teacher directly in the classroom or to have an individual lesson when the classroom teacher is only dedicated to his/her student at a time?

Fear of unknown. Let's face it, not everyone uses social networks, and not everyone is technically proficient.

Technical issues. These minor complications can occur during online learning, such as poor image quality or a bad connection signal.

Although all these reasons seem justified, let us try to think about them for a moment and consider whether these are not just concerns based on the unknown. If we do not know how online tutoring works in practice, we cannot know its benefits, nor do we know how to implement tutoring from a technical point of view. 

It's easy, affordable, and effective.

Although face-to-face education has its undeniable advantages, its online form has them, too.

You can have tutoring practically everywhere with a good connection. Education is not endangered even in moments when the in-class form is impossible for various reasons. We do not have to go that far to show an example. The current economic and social situation caused by the spread of coronavirus is sufficient proof. In this regard, online learning is an alternative that can effectively maintain the process of education and, at the same time, observe preventive measures.

As mentioned in the introduction to the article, several applications can be used. They are either freely accessible, or it is possible to download at least their basic user versions directly to your computer.

Currently, most applications provide high-quality picture resolution and audio settings. All we need for learning is either a desktop computer, laptop or tablet, webcam, and microphone. In addition, the applications often allow for screen sharing, material sending, and chat communication.

It is also very easy to display the writing area by connecting an external camera. This, again, increases the efficiency of online learning and almost eliminates the difference between whether a teacher is in real-time with a student in the classroom or whether they are both online.

To learn more about how online teaching works in practice, please visit the School Populo website. Do not miss to see a short video demonstration of an online tutoring course mediated through the Google Meet application.

Everything has its "kinks," BUT…

Despite the high functionality of applications and the availability of modern computer accessories, we must reckon with the possibility that problems may occur. For example, due to weather conditions or the quality of Internet connection, there may be a momentary loss of connection. On the other hand, even in-class learning does not always flow without interruptions or issues.

Therefore, let’s not be afraid of looking for and using new ways of education. Avoiding them only because of not knowing and false fears would be a big mistake.

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