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Homepage Blog Foreign languages What to do during the holidays so that your brain doesn’t get lazy?

What to do during the holidays so that your brain doesn’t get lazy?

What to do during the holidays so that your brain doesn’t get lazy?
29. 7. 2021
Foreign languages

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “summer”? Is it ice cream, sand beach or late night coastal walks? Whatever associations you might have, it is RELAXING that comes hand in hand with the summer months. Besides relaxing, you can also dedicate this time of year to personal development. Therefore, we give you several tips on getting a grasp on your productivity. 

Shape up your language skills, and you will definitely be under the spotlight! How are you doing with learning foreign languages? If you happened to speak with a Spanish native speaker, would you be able to communicate with them without any significant problems? Or would you instead switch to English right away? Learning English might get tricky, as it is used almost worldwide, and no one is forced to start learning any new languages. Language acquisition, the same as getting a driving licence, is a convenient and time limitless skill.

The next time you go on holiday to Spain, France or Italy, you will perhaps need to use phrases that concern the following situations:

  • How to get to your hotel from the airport
  • How to order food at a restaurant
  • How to book a hotel room 
  • How to rent a car or scooter
  • How to book a tour or excursions 

What to do when you feel like finally learning a new language? Spend your free summertime studying step by step. We give you some great tips on what to do in the summer to boost your language skills

1. Two heads are better than one - Find yourself a tutor 

Learning a new language on your own might get boring. One becomes not only a student but also a teacher for themself. The person then needs to prepare exercises, do them and eventually correct the wrong answers.  

School Populo is here to help you with all of that! We offer individual one-on-one tutoring, meaning that there is one tutor for one student. Therefore, the tutor can give the student full attention, which makes our tutoring very effective. Feel free to join us at School Populo! You may take only one lesson per week, and you will be in the spotlight during your vacation abroad. 

2. Movie nights without dubbing and subtitles

Are you a huge movie fan? If so, you can quickly improve your foreign language skills. Watch your favourite movies in the original version, or get subtitles in the original language. 

Tip for you: The easiest way to memorize new words is by watching your favourite series you have watched multiple times. Are you currently studying Spanish? Go binge-watch Friends, Sex and the City or The Simpsons with Spanish dubbing or subtitles. Make learning language fun!

3. Cook and bake in a foreign language 

There are so many quick and easy summer recipes! You can try super delicious BBQ dishes or salads and frozen fruit crumbles … Try to find recipes in a language you are currently learning and memorize the culinary terms that every chef knows. 

Look for some foreign language recipes on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Youtube, or purchase culinary books of one of the best-known chefs - French confectioners Cedric Grolet and Amaury Guichon or a Spanish chef Ferran Adrià. If you find a word that you don’t understand, use a translator and memorize it

¿Hablas español?

Would you like to improve your language skills during the summer? School Populo is here to help you with that! Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese or even English as a Foreign Language. As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being. 

So enjoy your summer and if you happen to need some help with learning languages, feel free to contact us at School Populo. We are here for you at any time, and we believe that everyone can achieve great results. 

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