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How to make New Year's resolutions not to become an obligation
25. 12. 2020

New Year's resolutions. For some, a great fear, for some, a motivation to move in the right direction. Research shows that educational resolutions are among the ten most common. Learning a language is one of the most popular. Like fitness centres and gyms, we at School Populo are seeing an increase in demand from adults after the New Year, precisely as a result of their New Year’s resolutions. We offer a helping hand not only to pupils and students, but also to all adults who, for various reasons, decide to deepen their current knowledge or start something completely new. With each new client comes a new story The nice thing about working with adults is that each of them comes to us with a different story. Some approach us with a demand for accounting or economics tutoring due to new jobs or exams, some attend computer lessons because they want to broaden their horizons even at an older age, and others come because their lives made a complete twist. We remember the story of an older lady who started learning Spanish so that she could talk to her grandchildren, who lived in Spain and unfortunately did not speak English. Another client started learning Italian so she could talk to her partner’s parents. And the biggest story we remember is about a married couple who fell in love with Italy so much that they started learning Italian and then moved to Italy. How can School Populo help We understand that keeping one’s resolutions can sometimes be challenging, but we believe that every learning is worth the time and diligence. It’s never too late to start learning and improving in areas you need to. And it’s not necessary to do it for someone else. Dedicate the time to yourself, find a few hours a week just for yourself, and learn what you longed for. And if you choose the right partner, it will go from there. At School Populo, we, therefore, offer full support during your studies, a tailor-made curriculum, the possibility of online tutoring. We adapt to your time possibilities and progress during your studies. To find a complete offer of taught subjects, please visit our websites www.schoolpopulo.co.uk. If you are interested in learning languages, all the necessary information can be found on the website of Populo Language Centre www.schoolpopulo.co.uk/tutoring/languages. In the new year 2021, we are looking forward to the existing and new clients and a lot of new stories that we will discover together with them.

Holidays yes, some would say
2. 8. 2020

Our students are already fully enjoying all the holiday fun. But this does not apply to School Populo. On the contrary, we use this time for everything we do not even think about during the school year, as the tutoring is always keeping us busy. We are trying to improve Populo even more so that all of our students like it and enjoy using our services more than before. Thus, at the end of the school year, the whole School Populo management team met with our tutoring coordinators to plan together what changes and news await us and our students in the next six months. What do we want to manage during the holidays? We are actively looking for places for new branches and classrooms. We want Populo to be accessible to as many children and adults as possible, and thanks to our online tutoring method, we are achieving this. We also managed to expand our team significantly. The main goal is a better customer service, which is essential for our operation. Thanks to our expansion, communication will become more efficient, and we will also improve the quality of all our services, because, as the proverb says – two heads are better than one. Teachers’ office in an app We are also improving our teachers’ office Cabinet. It’s not a physical office for our tutors but a handy application that many of you may already know. Cabinet is a great tool where teachers can manage their personal profile, plan their future lessons, see the history of their courses, student profiles, courses they can sign up for as tutors, and a notice board where we post important information. Thanks to Cabinet, communication between coordinators and tutors is faster and easier. Thanks to the app, parents can also read their e-mails immediately after the lesson is over, see the minutes of the lesson and review how their children performed, or go over the next recommended learning steps. When planning further lessons, the application can assign a place in the classroom to the tutor so that the tutors don't coincide. We try to be as productive as possible throughout the holidays and to work on our improvements in every free moment. For you and for us. What we do, we do with passion. Whether you are looking for quality and effective tutoring for your children or you would like to use the services of our Language Centre, we look forward to hearing from you! 

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