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How to create the best conditions for learning?
7. 12. 2020

Have you ever sat at home at a table in front of an open textbook, trying to concentrate, but could not remember a single thing? Maybe at this moment, you could logically arrange objects on the desk. Research shows that organized desk can increase your focus and productivity, and there’s really something to it. However order on the desk is not the only factor that affects the degree of concentration during learning. Create the right working environment However, a suitable working environment does not only include an arranged desk with correctly placed piles of books. Some people like a completely empty desk. Some really prefer neat piles of necessary literature and aids. In any case, it is clear that there should be nothing on the desk that can distract you from learning. So instead of lying in bed or on the sofa, sit down at your desk and let’s get it going. Limit technology Another significant distraction is often the mobile phone. Whether it’s an e-mail, social media notifications, or messages of all kinds. All these notifications distract us, forcing us to constantly interrupt our concentration and disengage from learning. The brain is thus not able to fully immerse itself in the topic and connect all the links. Get enough of fresh air A supply of fresh air is necessary for proper brain oxygenation. You certainly know this advice from your grandmothers. So whether you open a window from time to time, go for a walk during the learning period, or at least sit in the garden or balcony, you will supply your body with the necessary oxygen. Don’t forget to take breaks and exercise You can also get some fresh air by taking a short walk during the learning period. This will also make you move and stretch your body after hours of sitting. Breaks are an important source of rest for your back and brain. However, try to choose an activity that will allow the brain to fully relax. Skip social media or television during the breaks. You’d better take a walk, stretch, make tea, or have something good to eat. Prepare snacks and drinks It is also recommended not to underestimate the drinking regime and vitamin supply. Choose water or tea, have your favourite coffee or prepare a fruit juice or a smoothie. You can also nibble some fruit or veggies. Nuts are also a great snack for supporting your memory. Using dietary supplements such as ginkgo biloba during the challenging exam period can also be beneficial for your body. Try supporting memory with music Some people prefer to study in complete silence, some people can easily ignore the hustle and bustle of the surroundings, and some people are comfortable with relaxing music. On the Internet, you can find a lot of playlists of songs designed directly to support memory and learning. Just enter the keywords “studying music”. Don’t get stressed We are aware that it is difficult to avoid stress during the demanding exam and mid-term test period, but you do not need to implode. If you devote enough time for preparation, you won’t try learning everything at the last minute and will review sufficiently, you can succeed. Your prospects of success are good. And even if you don’t succeed on the first try, there is always a way to improve the grade. The tutors of School Populo are ready to provide you with full support in preparing for important exams or regular subjects in which you are getting lost. To learn more about tutoring, please visit www.schoolpopulo.co.uk/tutoring. 

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