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Foreign languages

What to do during the holidays so that your brain doesn’t get lazy?
29. 7. 2021
Foreign languages

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “summer”? Is it ice cream, sand beach or late night coastal walks? Whatever associations you might have, it is RELAXING that comes hand in hand with the summer months. Besides relaxing, you can also dedicate this time of year to personal development. Therefore, we give you several tips on getting a grasp on your productivity.  Shape up your language skills, and you will definitely be under the spotlight! How are you doing with learning foreign languages? If you happened to speak with a Spanish native speaker, would you be able to communicate with them without any significant problems? Or would you instead switch to English right away? Learning English might get tricky, as it is used almost worldwide, and no one is forced to start learning any new languages. Language acquisition, the same as getting a driving licence, is a convenient and time limitless skill. The next time you go on holiday to Spain, France or Italy, you will perhaps need to use phrases that concern the following situations: How to get to your hotel from the airport How to order food at a restaurant How to book a hotel room  How to rent a car or scooter How to book a tour or excursions  What to do when you feel like finally learning a new language? Spend your free summertime studying step by step. We give you some great tips on what to do in the summer to boost your language skills.  1. Two heads are better than one - Find yourself a tutor  Learning a new language on your own might get boring. One becomes not only a student but also a teacher for themself. The person then needs to prepare exercises, do them and eventually correct the wrong answers.   School Populo is here to help you with all of that! We offer individual one-on-one tutoring, meaning that there is one tutor for one student. Therefore, the tutor can give the student full attention, which makes our tutoring very effective. Feel free to join us at School Populo! You may take only one lesson per week, and you will be in the spotlight during your vacation abroad.  2. Movie nights without dubbing and subtitles Are you a huge movie fan? If so, you can quickly improve your foreign language skills. Watch your favourite movies in the original version, or get subtitles in the original language.  Tip for you: The easiest way to memorize new words is by watching your favourite series you have watched multiple times. Are you currently studying Spanish? Go binge-watch Friends, Sex and the City or The Simpsons with Spanish dubbing or subtitles. Make learning language fun! 3. Cook and bake in a foreign language  There are so many quick and easy summer recipes! You can try super delicious BBQ dishes or salads and frozen fruit crumbles … Try to find recipes in a language you are currently learning and memorize the culinary terms that every chef knows.  Look for some foreign language recipes on social media platforms, such as Instagram or Youtube, or purchase culinary books of one of the best-known chefs - French confectioners Cedric Grolet and Amaury Guichon or a Spanish chef Ferran Adrià. If you find a word that you don’t understand, use a translator and memorize it.  ¿Hablas español? Would you like to improve your language skills during the summer? School Populo is here to help you with that! Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese or even English as a Foreign Language. As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being.  So enjoy your summer and if you happen to need some help with learning languages, feel free to contact us at School Populo. We are here for you at any time, and we believe that everyone can achieve great results. 

Nemtudum AKA how to learn languages fast
31. 3. 2021
Foreign languages

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country? And how did it feel when you didn’t understand the locals? When you needed something from them and didn’t know how to ask for help or the thing in question? All of us are flooded with thoughts running through our heads at that moment, something like, “Why didn’t I study foreign languages?” There may be several answers, as well as ways to learn a foreign language. While we won’t go through all of them in this article, we will introduce a few. HOW TO LEARN LANGUAGES 1. Method: I get on the plane, and when I get off it, I will have a perfect command of the foreign language Would you also like to know this method? You are not alone. However, in this case, we must disappoint you. No one has yet invented anything even close to this method. Still, with a little time and effort, you can achieve some knowledge. The goal is to look up basic terms and phrases in the language at home before you go. Going to Italy? Then look up these phrases in Italian. Travelling to France? Feel free to look up basic phrases in French. Each language has its own specifics, but with online dictionaries that can also play pronunciation, words like hello, goodbye, please, and thank you should be no problem. The time you spend preparing will definitely pay off in a foreign country. Not only will you have a good feeling, but the locals will also be pleased with your willingness to learn their language. 2. How to learn a foreign language in a few months Do you think it takes years or decades to learn a language? If we really want to learn a foreign language thoroughly, sitting in school and completing exercises or learning vocabulary by heart won’t help us much. The best way to really learn a language is to be in everyday contact with it. Take a flight to a country where it is spoken and speak. But not everyone has this opportunity. That’s what language courses are for, to teach not only grammar but also conversation. The first thing to do is learn the most common expressions in the language, put the words into sentences, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Then, get used to a regular routine and repeat expressions or sentences. Just a few minutes a day will make your improvement visible. 3. Set goals Set a goal that you want to achieve in the language. Is it for being able to order a coffee? Or to check into a hotel? How about meeting a local and having a few minutes of conversation with them? Plan your study plan around your goal. You don’t need to know all the tenses used in the language to check into a hotel. But, on the other hand, to pass the exam and get the certificate, basic phrases won’t surely be enough. So don’t be afraid to set bigger and bigger goals. 4. Watch movies, listen to music and analyse texts Everyone watches movies nowadays; everyone has come across some of those lyrics and articles on the internet – you are reading one right now. We understand you, yet this is not the type of article we had in mind. If you want to learn to understand a language, movies, and TV shows are the best. If you feel like watching one, choose the original with Czech subtitles. When you start to feel confident about what the characters are saying, change the subtitles to foreign language, and when you have seen the film a few times, turn them off. Don’t despair if you don’t understand something the first time – if possible, pause the video and rewind a bit, you’ll understand it much better the second time. Similarly, with articles or songs. Find the lyrics of the song and try to translate it, say what the artist is singing about, and sing along. It’s easy to sing along in Czech, so why not try it in another language. After all, we had to learn our language as children, and we often take singing, even if only for ourselves, as part of it. 5. Play and be rewarded Do you think we are making fun of you? Not at all. For example, you’ve probably heard of Duolingo; if not, we’d love to introduce you to it. Duo is an owl that is your companion in your journey to learn a language. The app is great for repeating vocabulary. The game tests you and awards points for the correct answer. You translate, listen, complete, or choose from pictures. There is no penalty for making a mistake, and because the mistake is your friend, the app will let you re-write the sentence and repeat the writing until it is correct. In addition, each week, you participate in a weekly chart and compete with other players to advance to a higher league. The game will also remind you every day to be sure you won’t forget to practice the words. Looking at the amount of time you study – in days, you’ll be proud of yourself. And what do you get out of those minutes when you’re just aimlessly surfing the internet? 6. Talk, quietly, to yourself Have you ever repeated out loud to yourself what you need to do during an activity? What is the next step? For example, when cooking, fry the onion, add the diced meat, season, and simmer. Or drill a hole, hammer in a dowel, put in a screw, put in the picture, and hang it, Talk to yourself; it doesn’t matter that no one can hear you, it matters that you can hear yourself. Repeat the procedure in a foreign language. It doesn’t matter if it’s ingredients for soup or groceries at the store. Write your shopping list differently and use a foreign language instead of your mother tongue. This will expand your vocabulary and stop you from being afraid to speak. You can also name things you see around you. For example, if you are walking down the street and see a car, say “car” and add its colour. You hear birds singing, you feel the wind, you see it’s raining, name it. If you don’t know, there is a dictionary to help you find the right word. 7. How to learn languages fast? Motivate yourself Motivation is the most effective teacher in learning anything. Think about what you want to achieve and also how to achieve it. It is fundamental to decide how I will get the information, where I will get it, and how I will use it. Let’s transform it into a language – how will I learn the language, where will I learn the language, and what will I do with the knowledge. Will I just sit at home and never speak the language again, or will I buy a plane ticket and fly to this country? The decision is yours, of course, but the best teacher is the practice. So, take courage, get on a plane, and go. Don’t be afraid to make this particular trip your goal, and let motivation be your driving force to help you learn. 8. Avoid clichés You know, the sentences that hold you back. Ideas that convince you of something that may not be a complete truth. Here are a few of them: Don’t tell yourself you’re too old. You can learn languages at any age. I’m not good at languages. It’s true that some people are better at math, others are better at languages. But don’t look for obstacles; look for ways to overcome them. For example, if you are not sure you can learn a language on your own without help, find a course. I’m afraid others will laugh at me. But, don’t worry, the other people in that course are just like you. If you’re afraid of making a mistake abroad, don’t be. The locals will try to understand and help you, and if you embarrass yourself in front of them, it doesn’t matter; there is little chance that you will ever meet them again. 9. Don’t look for reasons why it can’t be done, but for ways, it can be done Sit down on the internet and search. There are many methods to learn a language. Yet, the most effective one is a tutor. So, find agencies in your city, find out what method they use to teach the language, and try a sample lesson (some agencies offer it for free, others charge a fee). If you like the method, don’t hesitate to start learning. You will soon discover how important it is to have a tutor. If, despite your best efforts, none of the methods used by the agencies suits you, don’t despair. People have to go to all sorts of places and try many tutors before they find one that is the right match. There is also a difference between individual and group learning; we have discussed these in detail in Organizational forms of teaching. To summarise the information, the clear advantage of one-to-one tutoring is that you have a tutor all to yourself, he or she is dedicated to you, and you don’t miss out on anything. You can reschedule the lesson and say what specifically bothers you or what you need, regardless of the rest of the group. A good place to look for such a tutor is School Populo. At the information meeting, the coordinators will find your goal and a tutor tailored to you. The whole lesson will be thus in your control, and you don’t have to worry about the tutor laughing at you. Just imagine, a few years ago, the tutor was in the same situation as you are now – knew nothing and now can sit in front of you and help you achieve what you want to achieve at the moment. How to learn languages? Contact School Populo.

Learn a new language and get a new soul
7. 7. 2020
Foreign languages

That’s what the proverb says. And there will probably be something to it. With this proverb, we think about scenes from a famous film in which Julia Roberts is discovering Italy. To fully enjoy it, she learns to gesture, eat, think, and speak like an Italian. Only then is she able to fully understand the country she has visited. How better would you get to know Italy than with a slice of pizza in hand and conversations with locals? Summer has begun, and the desire to travel is greater than ever. The reopened borders and the previous several-month travel ban call for it. Are you going to travel abroad, but you are worried if you can manage conversations in a hotel or restaurant? Are you starting to sweat just thinking of being stopped on the street in a foreign country and not knowing what to answer? We are aware that the fear of actively using a foreign language can have many reasons. You may feel that native speakers will laugh at you. You may be afraid that they will not understand you or that you will say something inappropriate. Probably one of these situations will occur. It is common, and it surely happened to anyone who has ever started learning a foreign language. It may seem impossible for you now, but without taking the risk of an awkward or embarrassing situation, you will hardly learn the language. Believe us, after a few tries, you will find that using English, German, Spanish, or even Chinese is not as difficult as it seemed in the beginning. However, learning at school, from textbooks, or with a tutor is necessary for a good knowledge base of the language. It is essential to understand the grammar system and learn basic vocabulary. With the knowledge of these basics, you can boldly cross the borders. But undoubdtedly, you will be learning new vocabulary all your life. One of our tips may help you to absorb the language more intensively: Watch movies and series in their original version. Read in a foreign language. It doesn’t have to be books, just start with a short article. Start following foreign accounts with content you like on social media networks. Don’t be afraid of challenges. Help a tourist on the street with a direction. Translate the lyrics of your favourite songs. Create a notebook with the words you come across. Download a translator to your phone that you can use whenever you come across a word or phrase you don’t know. Set your mobile language to a foreign one. Don’t be mad at yourself for your mistakes. Learn from them! These and other tips can help you get used to the new language better and get rid of the fear and uncertainty that seizes you. And if you feel that you would still like to consult your progress with an expert, our tutors from the Language Centre are at your full disposal even during the summer holidays. You can go on holiday with a good feeling that you won’t get lost. What Populo Language Centre offers Populo Language Centre offers many services related to foreign languages, such as translations, interpreting, proofreading, or company courses for your employees. These language courses are intended not only for adults but also, for example, for recent graduates who would like to keep their language skills fresh. It doesn’t matter if you need the language for your job or for personal growth. Classes with us are always individual, so we will fully adapt to you. You can choose from 12 foreign languages, including Japanese or Hebrew. Everyone finds their own favourite. At the beginning of our cooperation, each student takes a placement test, based on which the tutor reviews the student's areas for improvement and strenghts. At the same time, we consider your requirements, so it is possible to focus the classes more on vocabulary or grammar or focus on specific areas such as technical or, for example, economic vocabulary. So whether you are going abroad and want to get to know the country with everything it offers or need the language for work or study, we are here.

Populo Language Centre: foreign language solutions for adults and companies
5. 5. 2020
Foreign languages

The Populo Language Centre is the solution to everything related to languages. Clients can contact us regarding translations, interpreting, proofreading, and/or teaching foreign languages, both face-to-face and online. We solve each request with the client individually. We carefully listen to your requests and suggest solution options according to difficulty, time, and previous experience. We would like to show you how we work with clients and different foreign language learning requirements. Language course not only individually, but also always tailored We offer individual foreign language courses, but we also offer group lessons to companies.  One-on-one courses: adaptation to the student’s language level, selection of familiar topics adaptation of the learning pace during the lessons to the student  Focus on the problematic topics and skip the simple ones Overall adaptation each lesson to your current mood and state of mind “Homework" according to the client’s requirements, no assignment also possible Change of lesson frequency and intensity during the course  Groups lessons: Suitable for a group of clients at the same language level Less financially demanding Suitable for corporate clients The most common reasons for studying a foreign language I want to improve my knowledge at work, but I don’t have time… Do you need a foreign language at work, but having to adapt your time schedule to others discourages you from participating in a group course? In the case of an individual course, only your requirements for planning lessons come first. You have the option to excuse the lesson in advance without losing it or even “pausing” the course if, for example, you are going on holiday. I love traveling, but I’m afraid to speak… Are you planning to travel abroad, but when hearing “foreign language," you get goosebumps and start thinking about high school dull drilling of grammatical tenses without any signs of conversation? With an individual form of lessons, you do not have to worry about this scenario. Before traveling abroad, we will help you master vocabulary and, through conversational topics, prepare you for any common situation you encounter during your travels. Your dream vacation does not have to be burdened with fear every time you want to ask for direction or try to choose a local specialty. I finally have time to study, but I’m an eternal beginner… An individual language course allows you to fill your free time appropriately. The Populo Language Centre will prepare lessons of a foreign language that has always interested you, but you have never had the opportunity, courage, or time to devote yourself to it. The tutor will completely adapt to your current language knowledge, using appropriate study materials and pace of the whole teaching-learning process.  We are looking for an effective work benefit for our employees… As already mentioned, the Populo Language Centre offers language courses not only for individuals but also for companies, for which it can represent an interesting, employee-requested work benefit, which should reach a certain level. Many employers have certainly experienced difficulties with choosing the right type of course that would suit both the employees and the employer. In this respect, the Populo Language Centre outreaches companies through individually implemented courses. While employees have the opportunity to increase their knowledge at work, the course of the lesson is recorded for the employer's needs at all times. At the end of the course, the employer is provided with a confirmation of course completion and the student’s final evaluation provided by the tutor. An undeniable advantage is also the possibility to implement the course directly in the company. You don’t have to worry about problematic lesson planning in accordance with the employee’s work attendance. Don’t wait and stop looking. You can start today. If you were unlucky in finding a course that directly meets your requirements, now your search is definitely over. You can start planning your language course today. The Populo Language Centre offers the implementation of any foreign language course according to your vision and requirements. More than ever, you have the opportunity to turn dreams of knowing a foreign language into reality or to surprise and motivate your employees with a benefit that with another employer you would wait in vain for.

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