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Quality online education available to all

Quality online education available to all
21. 12. 2020

In the spring, the closure of schools, and the associated online schooling, caught many parents and teachers unprepared. Of course. Until then, online teaching was not a common part of curriculum, so teachers were fully focused on their work in the classroom. However, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic brought a situation almost no one had an experience with. At School Populo, however, it was different.

We have been teaching our clients online for almost five years, and during that time, we have managed to gain a lot of experience. We are not afraid to say that we have perhaps one of the greatest online teaching experiences in the tutoring sector. In the spring, we knew exactly what to do. As all our classes happen in the online world, our students did not even notice the difference. We taught more lessons online during the first wave of coronavirus than all lessons before Covid combined. And these are quite significant numbers. We prepared dozens of children for admission exams, dozens of students for secondary school-leaving exams, and taught languages dozens of others.

We have a sophisticated online teaching system in which the tutor can see the client’s face, but thanks to the second camera also what the client writes. This allows the tutor to see the client´s reactions and non-verbal communication and gives him opportunity to react when the student hesitates or does not know what to do. The reaction is prompt and comes at the same time as if it had come in the classroom. The tutor does not have to come back to the problematic point but solves it immediately, which is the most effective way.

We know from our experience that students are not deprived of anything during online learning. On the other side of the imaginary online classroom is a tutor who works only with that one student and, thanks to modern IT equipment, they are almost within reach. This system also works just as well in group lessons. The tutor has a great overview of all the participating students.

We are not alone in this

We have been helping our clients with learning for several years. Now we have decided to help those who are not our clients. Christmas time is approaching, a time when we think more of others than of ourselves. School Populo, therefore, decided to share its experience and offer its unique online education system to all schools that would be interested in it. As a Christmas present, as well as an expression of belonging and partnership in this challenging time for education, School Populo will provide teachers with free instructions on a variety of online tools to facilitate distance learning and online teaching methodology so that teachers are fully prepared to offer children the same teaching quality as in the classroom.

The advantage of our system is that the teacher works in the same mode as before. Apart from basic equipment such as a computer and a mobile phone, no additional technical equipment is required. In online teaching, the teacher sees himself and all his students well. Thanks to a tripod, the teacher can quickly focus on what he wants to show the students. In addition, the whole lesson can be easily recorded for those who could not participate. From now on, online teaching does not have to be scary.

This year has been challenging for all of us. For teachers, parents and the pupils, and students themselves. We believe that our offer is also a big step forward for teachers and their students. So let’s use Christmas time for good deeds and give something that really makes sense – let’s give education. We are not alone in this.

Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas,

Your School Populo 

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