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Homepage Blog Foreign languages Populo Language Centre: foreign language solutions for adults and companies

Populo Language Centre: foreign language solutions for adults and companies

Populo Language Centre: foreign language solutions for adults and companies
5. 5. 2020
Foreign languages

The Populo Language Centre is the solution to everything related to languages. Clients can contact us regarding translations, interpreting, proofreading, and/or teaching foreign languages, both face-to-face and online. We solve each request with the client individually. We carefully listen to your requests and suggest solution options according to difficulty, time, and previous experience.

We would like to show you how we work with clients and different foreign language learning requirements.

Language course not only individually, but also always tailored

We offer individual foreign language courses, but we also offer group lessons to companies. 

One-on-one courses:

  • adaptation to the student’s language level, selection of familiar topics
  • adaptation of the learning pace during the lessons to the student 
  • Focus on the problematic topics and skip the simple ones
  • Overall adaptation each lesson to your current mood and state of mind
  • “Homework" according to the client’s requirements, no assignment also possible
  • Change of lesson frequency and intensity during the course 

Groups lessons:

  • Suitable for a group of clients at the same language level
  • Less financially demanding
  • Suitable for corporate clients
The most common reasons for studying a foreign language

I want to improve my knowledge at work, but I don’t have time…

Do you need a foreign language at work, but having to adapt your time schedule to others discourages you from participating in a group course? In the case of an individual course, only your requirements for planning lessons come first. You have the option to excuse the lesson in advance without losing it or even “pausing” the course if, for example, you are going on holiday.

I love traveling, but I’m afraid to speak…

Are you planning to travel abroad, but when hearing “foreign language," you get goosebumps and start thinking about high school dull drilling of grammatical tenses without any signs of conversation?

With an individual form of lessons, you do not have to worry about this scenario. Before traveling abroad, we will help you master vocabulary and, through conversational topics, prepare you for any common situation you encounter during your travels.

Your dream vacation does not have to be burdened with fear every time you want to ask for direction or try to choose a local specialty.

I finally have time to study, but I’m an eternal beginner…

An individual language course allows you to fill your free time appropriately. The Populo Language Centre will prepare lessons of a foreign language that has always interested you, but you have never had the opportunity, courage, or time to devote yourself to it. The tutor will completely adapt to your current language knowledge, using appropriate study materials and pace of the whole teaching-learning process. 

We are looking for an effective work benefit for our employees…

As already mentioned, the Populo Language Centre offers language courses not only for individuals but also for companies, for which it can represent an interesting, employee-requested work benefit, which should reach a certain level.

Many employers have certainly experienced difficulties with choosing the right type of course that would suit both the employees and the employer. In this respect, the Populo Language Centre outreaches companies through individually implemented courses.

While employees have the opportunity to increase their knowledge at work, the course of the lesson is recorded for the employer's needs at all times. At the end of the course, the employer is provided with a confirmation of course completion and the student’s final evaluation provided by the tutor.

An undeniable advantage is also the possibility to implement the course directly in the company. You don’t have to worry about problematic lesson planning in accordance with the employee’s work attendance.

Don’t wait and stop looking. You can start today.

If you were unlucky in finding a course that directly meets your requirements, now your search is definitely over. You can start planning your language course today. The Populo Language Centre offers the implementation of any foreign language course according to your vision and requirements.

More than ever, you have the opportunity to turn dreams of knowing a foreign language into reality or to surprise and motivate your employees with a benefit that with another employer you would wait in vain for.

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