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Parents as teachers

Parents as teachers
15. 6. 2020
Motivation of pupils
The beginnings are usually easy

Starting school is a completely new experience for both the child and the parents. From all-day carefree playing, children must suddenly focus on acquiring new knowledge and learning new skills.In the first grade, parents like to practice shapes, individual letters and numbers with their children with a smile on their face. But as the child is growing up, the topics become more and more challenging.

Thus, explanations and exercises at school are often not enough, and children need to review the topics at home. However, a parent cannot always help for many different reasons. Working parents don’t have time, some lack patience, others may not have sufficient knowledge in the subject. Not everyone is great at everything. Some excel in English, others in mathematics. This applies to both students and their parents.

Ladislaus S., a parent, and president of the Association for Home Education, also follows up in one of his interviews: "It is important for parents to realize that they have completed their primary education. Even though they have forgotten a lot of things over the years, there is no reason to think they wouldn’t be able to do it again. In addition, parents don't need to cram the topic ahead and be on top of everything. The parent is more like a coach – prepares the child for performance but doesn’t have to be a top athlete himself/herself. All the parent has to do is watch, observe and help the kid reach the goal.

When things don’t work

Another common problem is finding ways to help children learn. Although parents understand the topic and understand it very well, they often do not know how to explain it to their children. They try hard to explain something that the kid still doesn’t get. It is important to realize that children think differently than adults. They have a completely different view of the world and other life experiences. Every person also uses a different kind of thinking – someone prefers analytical thinking, someone prefers intuition, etc.

For these and other reasons, there may be a misunderstanding between parents and students during the performance of school tasks, which can result in reluctance towards learning.

Our experienced tutors can prevent these situations. They know that each student needs an individual approach and, most importantly, can find the right one. They know which teaching method to choose, when to give the student their own space, or when they can have higher demands and thus achieve the desired results.

When a child needs tutoring

It is wrong to think that the time for tutoring comes only when pupils are behind their classmates in a given subject, get poor grades, or come home from school sad or upset about their failures. All this can lead to frustration and reluctance to go to school at all.

The ideal situation occurs when your kids ask for tutoring because they feel they would like to understand the topic better, but they can't do it independently. But something like this happens rarely. It is especially necessary for younger children and teenagers to be attentive and sensitive to the transmitted signals. Not only grades have to play the main role. It is often also a question of how comfortable the pupil feels in a given subject or specific issue. Note whether they are familiar with it and can talk about it. It can also happen that your children are simply “not compatible” with their teachers or their teaching methods, which can cause reluctance towards the subject.

In the first place, a parent, an older sibling, or a friend who is more advanced in the topic can help. When even family and friends can’t help anymore, it is recommended to turn to experts. Be it at the school the student attends or at other specialized organizations such as our School. It doesn’t matter if the student is eight or fifteen, if they need help with English, or if they want to review what they had to self-study at home due to coronavirus in the last six months. We offer help to anyone who needs it.

What can we offer

We offer our clients tutoring ot subjects from English through Mathematics and Chemistry to an immense number of foreign languages. You can choose one of the subjects you want to focus on or use the comprehensive tutoring service. This allows us to combine several subjects, so we can discuss the chapters the student is struggling with. It is usually a combination of English and Mathematics, which are supplemented by Science, Geography, or a foreign language. But we always adapt the combination to your individual needs and requirements.

It doesn’t matter you’re far from our branch. We are fully prepared to tutor online. And if you need, we will be happy to lend you the necessary equipment. Tutoring is thus available to everyone.

This year, we also launched a new Summer School project, which aims to help students cope with several weeks of self-study caused by coronavirus. At Summer School, the children will foster the acquired knowledge, review the topics, and be fully prepared to start regular schooling in September.

If you do not feel like tutoring your child by yourself, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you. We will create an individual study plan tailored to your requirements. Your pupil will be satisfied, and you will have more free time, which you can spend with children doing more fun activities than learning.

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