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Learn a new language and get a new soul

Learn a new language and get a new soul
7. 7. 2020
Foreign languages

That’s what the proverb says. And there will probably be something to it. With this proverb, we think about scenes from a famous film in which Julia Roberts is discovering Italy. To fully enjoy it, she learns to gesture, eat, think, and speak like an Italian. Only then is she able to fully understand the country she has visited. How better would you get to know Italy than with a slice of pizza in hand and conversations with locals?

Summer has begun, and the desire to travel is greater than ever. The reopened borders and the previous several-month travel ban call for it. Are you going to travel abroad, but you are worried if you can manage conversations in a hotel or restaurant? Are you starting to sweat just thinking of being stopped on the street in a foreign country and not knowing what to answer?

We are aware that the fear of actively using a foreign language can have many reasons. You may feel that native speakers will laugh at you. You may be afraid that they will not understand you or that you will say something inappropriate. Probably one of these situations will occur. It is common, and it surely happened to anyone who has ever started learning a foreign language.

It may seem impossible for you now, but without taking the risk of an awkward or embarrassing situation, you will hardly learn the language. Believe us, after a few tries, you will find that using English, German, Spanish, or even Chinese is not as difficult as it seemed in the beginning.

However, learning at school, from textbooks, or with a tutor is necessary for a good knowledge base of the language. It is essential to understand the grammar system and learn basic vocabulary. With the knowledge of these basics, you can boldly cross the borders. But undoubdtedly, you will be learning new vocabulary all your life.

One of our tips may help you to absorb the language more intensively:

  • Watch movies and series in their original version.
  • Read in a foreign language. It doesn’t have to be books, just start with a short article.
  • Start following foreign accounts with content you like on social media networks.
  • Don’t be afraid of challenges. Help a tourist on the street with a direction.
  • Translate the lyrics of your favourite songs.
  • Create a notebook with the words you come across.
  • Download a translator to your phone that you can use whenever you come across a word or phrase you don’t know.
  • Set your mobile language to a foreign one.
  • Don’t be mad at yourself for your mistakes. Learn from them!

These and other tips can help you get used to the new language better and get rid of the fear and uncertainty that seizes you. And if you feel that you would still like to consult your progress with an expert, our tutors from the Language Centre are at your full disposal even during the summer holidays. You can go on holiday with a good feeling that you won’t get lost.

What Populo Language Centre offers

Populo Language Centre offers many services related to foreign languages, such as translations, interpreting, proofreading, or company courses for your employees. These language courses are intended not only for adults but also, for example, for recent graduates who would like to keep their language skills fresh. It doesn’t matter if you need the language for your job or for personal growth. Classes with us are always individual, so we will fully adapt to you. You can choose from 12 foreign languages, including Japanese or Hebrew. Everyone finds their own favourite.

At the beginning of our cooperation, each student takes a placement test, based on which the tutor reviews the student's areas for improvement and strenghts. At the same time, we consider your requirements, so it is possible to focus the classes more on vocabulary or grammar or focus on specific areas such as technical or, for example, economic vocabulary.

So whether you are going abroad and want to get to know the country with everything it offers or need the language for work or study, we are here.

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