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Methodology centre

Methodology centre
The Methodology Centre of School Populo ensures the quality of tutoring. The centre sets up processes for selecting and training tutors and student learning. Its team consists of trained professionals with many years of experience in various fields. Their job is to innovate methodological procedures in one-on-one tutoring, communication with tutors, students, and parents. The Methodology Centre is one of the main pillars, thanks to which the students of School Populo achieve great results.

What do we do?

  • Selection of suitable tutors
  • Introductory training for tutors
  • Teaching methodology for individual subjects
  • Monitoring and introducing modern trends into teaching
  • Creation of teaching materials and own didactic tests
  • Selection of suitable teaching materials
  • Purchase, revision, and distribution of textbooks, dictionaries, and study materials
  • Observation and evaluation of tutors
  • Educational seminars for tutors
  • Creation and revision of placement tests
  • Thematic seminars for tutors, students, and their parents
  • Consulting and advisory activities
  • Methodology for online tutoring

Who runs the methodology centre?

Barbora, AP
Barbora, AP
Methodology Centre Manager
Barbora finished her Hotel Management degree in Denmark hoping to dedicate her life to it. Working in this field made her realize she craved something different though. School Populo offered everything packed together. From a Tutor, a Tutoring Coordinator, a Branch Director, a Project and Service Manager to Methodological Centre. She truly enjoyed all of these job positions enabling her to communicate with different segments of people. However, she paid special attention to tutors since the beginning and so the title Methodology Manager just fits her perfectly. She can make use of her organizational and managing skills and work with all teams in School Populo which gives her new perspectives. Thanks to this cooperation all projects get completed and delivered to tutors in hopes to improve their working conditions and offer so much more.
Julie, Bc.
Julie, Bc.
Methodological Development Coordinator
Julie worked as a Maths tutor for four years. However, as she wanted to devote herself to students and School Populo 24/7, she has become a part of the Methodological Center in 2021, where she strives to be valuable support. Even though she is a workaholic who would like to have all the work done right away and doesn't like to postpone anything, she can also find free time. Most often she spends her free time with a good series or with her friends. Her students’ progress and their smiles always bring her joy.
Eva, Mgr.
Eva, Mgr.
Eva graduated from the Faculty of Education and has many years of experience teaching children of all ages - from toddlers to teenagers. She likes to spend her free time with family, ideally on a trip or walking in the countryside. Eva enjoys cooking, practices yoga, loves summer, holidays by the sea and relaxing with a good book. She likes to work on meaningful projects; she is creative, honest and always her own.
Who are your tutors? How do you ensure their quality?
Our tutors are teachers or university students. They have studied the subject they teach, they know the subject principles and are familiar with the curriculum or they have a vast experience in the particular field. All tutors undergo initial training prepared by the methodology centre, and then they are regularly trained to be able to pass on the necessary information to the student as best as possible. We make sure that each tutor individually adapts to every student's current knowledge and pace and that they can help them with everything they need.
Do your tutors have certificates?
At School Populo, we believe that quality is not determined by degrees and certificates but by actual knowledge of the subject and the ability to pass it on. Our team has native speakers, language teachers with certificates, or English with high-level language proficiency. All our tutors are vetted and regularly trained. At School Populo, we stand for the quality of tutors. If you want a tutor with a confirmed level, we will choose one who owns such a certificate.
Do your tutors have the necessary materials available?
We have a fully equipped library with textbooks for all tutored subjects and grades. In most cases, we work with a textbook that the student uses at school. Furthermore, the tutor has a large amount of study materials available, which are kept in our school's online library. In the absence of the necessary materials, the tutor has the opportunity to contact the methodology centre, which will complete them.
Can I choose a tutor?
Tutors are selected by tutoring coordinators who are in daily contact with them. They know their way of teaching, nature, and personality. This information is necessary for the tutoring to take place naturally, friendly, and, at the same time, professionally. If, for any reason, you do not get on well with the tutor, we will be happy to consult with you on the selection of a more suitable tutor so that the tutoring meets your expectations.
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Based on the completed contact form, we will contact you, answer all your questions and introduce you to the services of School Populo. If you want to contact us first, you can reach us at +44 7418 350868.
If you are interested in tutoring in other cities, contact us at phone number +44 7418 350868, or via e-mail at info@schoolpopulo.co.uk.
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